Betty Zane – April 24, 1782

It’s April 24, 1782. I’m inside Fort Henry near Wheeling, Virginia. A large force of Indians and British are firing at us. Gunpowder is almost gone. I fear we will all be killed or captured. I can see a young girl running through a shower of bullets from a nearby house. She’s carrying a large sack of something and trying to cover it with a tablecloth.

BZ: “Come quick! I have brought gunpowder! Load your muskets! We must save the fort!”

And save Fort Henry they did through the help of heroes like 16-year-old Betty Zane, who courageously risked her life to fight for freedom.

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John and Jan Gillespie are the founders of the Rawhide Boys’ Ranch; they have fostered 351 teenagers and wrote the book Our 351 Sons; they have also assisted numerous churches in developing youth programs and expanding their total church ministries. After running for U.S. Senate, John founded 1776 American Dream, which exists to demonstrate the vision of our founding fathers and help our generation of youth passionately embrace those values.

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