A Palestinian leader calls for the Palestinians to count the Jews and kill them, one by one

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: The Palestinian people and the media in particular spreading hatred. In other words increasing anti-Semitism among the Palestinian people and actually denying the Holocaust. Is that correct as your reports said?

IM: Not only are they spreading hatred but the principals of the Palestinian Authority hatred as we see it on Palestinian Authority television, official TV, are the same principals that Hitler used in Nazi, Germany to try to generate hatred of the Jews and to drive and get the Nazi to kill the Jews. And just to give you one example just a month ago there was a sermon on official Palestinian Authority Television and the messages by this religious leader on controlled TV, he said that humanity will never be able to live together with the Jews. He said that the Jews have this terrible evil they’re cursed from God. The evil that the Jews have he said is in their genes, it’s passed on from generation to generation. It can’t be fixed and therefore he ends with saying that the end of time will only happen when Muslims exterminate the Jews and then he has a prayer and he says count them and kill them one by one don’t leave even one.

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