Tony Blair says that Great Britain may have a second referendum on Brexit

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: And I would think as I’ve looked at everything a new referendum might well be possible if indeed they don’t come to some kind of conclusion. Tony Blair was challenged, Pierce Morgan he made the statement to Tony Blair you’re going to have hell to pay if there’s another referendum. That is a possibility and boy that would really mess it all up wouldn’t it?

JR: Well that’s the thing is if we get into a situation with the third withdraw agreement doesn’t pass and then we’re into another Brexit date April 12th we have to come up with a new deal in that situation. So Tony Blair he’s always been the person that’s a supporter for the second referendum. It’s amazing how he’s still on the scene whenever I bring him up he’s almost seen you know as an irrelevant political has-been. But he’s almost a voice for the European Union.

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