The burning of Notre Dame in Paris was a historic tragedy, but the main tragedy was that Notre Dame was not teaching the true gospel

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: But it was a very historic church dating back centuries ago was it not?

MG: Yes that’s correct. They spent 200 years actually building it and it’s been around now for 850 years. It’s really a national monument to the people of France so in that sense it was truly a tragedy for the people of France. The theology there is going against the very word of God and that’s what troubles me the most. I think there’s a greater tragedy that’s taking place there.

JD: Yes, that’s exactly where I wanted to go Mike. The church does not present the truth of the gospel and explain that to our listeners.

MG: Well sure Jimmy. Most people who have studied Roman Catholicism know that it does trace its roots back to the one true church founded by Christ. But over the centuries it has drifted away from the faith of the apostles into an apostate form of Christianity. They’ve departed from submitting to the supreme authority of God’s word and they often follow Pagan traditions.

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