Israel at 71 yrs of age is 10 times its population as it was at its birth in 1948

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: I want to talk to you David about the future and get your thoughts about that on Israel, their 71 years of age as of the Independence Day this week.

DD: It’s an old country as old as China and yet it’s reborn today, it’s new, it’s vibrant, and it’s growing. It’s one of the youngest countries on earth a start up nation. It’s still going and it’s still got the most innovation of anywhere. It’s got young blood and just energy.

JD: You know it’s interesting to know they published the population which is 9 million plus living in Israel itself. About 75% of that would be the Jewish people; 6.3 I think million Jews. More Jews living in Israel than the rest of the Jews around the world. But when you stop to think about it that’s about 10 times what it was at the birth of the Jewish State back in 1948. It’s amazing how this country a miracle comes together and now they’re growing by leaps and bounds. Interesting to look at this testimony as to the fulfillment of God’s plan for the Jewish people.

DD: Well Jimmy when I moved to Israel in 1980 they were just about to turn 33 and now they’re 71. But the population in 1980 was 3 million I believe it was. Now it’s three times that since 1980. So again it has one of the largest birth rates. The Jewish birth rate is also very very high and again there’s just such an energy there.

JD: David Dolan explaining the state of Israel on its 71stBirthday and its prospects for the future.

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