Hundreds and thousands of rockets are today aimed at Israel

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: David I understand that Hamas has replenished their rocket supply most likely with the help of the Iranians. And now they are reporting they have a least 10,000 rockets. That does not bode well for the southern part of Israel does it?

DD: Well certainly not and not just the southern part Jimmy again they have already last year they fired some rockets that reached some of the Jerusalem area. And of course more recently they’ve hit Tel Aviv. They’ve hit the Port of Ashdod or right near it. So these rockets can go really to most of the country. In fact Hamas one official a couple of weeks ago said we can now hit the North. Well of course their ally Hezbollah in the north has maybe 160,000 rockets is what Prime Minister Netanyahu quoted last year. So we just don’t know.

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