One Comment on “The Alignment between Iran, Turkey, Syria and Russia, in the Middle East, is growing stronger each and every day”

  1. This is a false eschatological view point. This fits nothing in the scriptures except by way of the imagination of those whose minds are upon this earth. This grave error concerning endtimes so called, contradicts the clear and plain statements of our Lord Jesus as well as those expressed by Apostles Paul and Peter. It may satisfy the false premillenium delusion of many Christian’s but it cannot and will not stand up to solid Biblical exegesis and harmony of the truly relevant passages which speak to what the believer is called to be on watch for. Namely the sudden appearing of Jesus Christ on the last day. National Israel are not the covenant, new covenant that is people of God. A remnant saved by electing grace are members of the Ekklesia of God in Jesus Christ. Paul makes this so plain when you read scripture on it’s own terms and not read an eschatological presupposition into the word of God. Roman’s chapters 9 thru 11. An Ekklesia is a called out and gathered Assembly of saved sinners who regularly meet to fulfill all of the commands of Jesus Christ comprehended in the great commission. We are in the world not of the world as God has redeemed ” a people” OUT OF every tongue, kindred tribe etc. God has no plan for a national or political Israel under the new economy. And no the Ekkkesia did not replace the Jews and a specific territory. The New Covenant superceeeds and brought an end to the Old Covenant. National Israel belongs to the old covenant and not the new! The lie that purports to claim the false idea of replacement theology against those who understand the distinctions between the two covenants as Jesus says, this is the blood of a New Covenant. Jesus cried out in His final denunciation of national Israel, ” BEHOLD YOUR HOUSE IS DESOLATE”. The Lord sealed the final end of national Judaism if you will by destroying the Temple. He came to His own and His own recieved Him not. The worldly sophistry which evades and distorts and twists the testimony of Holy scripture is a testament to the unmortified remaining sin that lies even in the hearts of saved men.
    May God open the eyes of the blind who profess faith in the savior of sinners. God has allowed this error to be a stumbling block to try the hearts and see if believers prefer a worldly existence in a false future or truly wait for the greatest future imaginable when Jesus comes in flaming fire to judge the wicked and recieve His redeemed into EVERLASTING blessedness in a new heaven and a new earth wherein RIGHTEOUSNESS dwells? 2 Peter 3: 8-12.

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