One Comment on “The African nation of Ethiopia is considered a Christian nation; however, the Bible reveals that Ethiopia has a major role in the end time scenario that is found in Bible prophecy”

  1. One must ask if these passages that are used in the supposed end time era then why would Jesus and His Apostles speak as if His second return was imminent? There is no way that anyone who heard our Lord speak of His return, that is His second advent, could have ever fathomed the bizarre events that are used in all of these eschatological schemes that see certain nations as playing a part in an enigmatic divine plan of some sort usually surrounding the nation of Israel? In Revelation where a great deal of symbols are used to describe the struggle between the world of sin and the saved righteous, not that Satan is doing battle against the invincible Sovereign God who does whatsoever He chooses, but that there is not a single passage that could even remotely be construed to be speaking about Russsia Iran etc. Cintrast this with the plain words of Jesus Christ truth incarnate when speaking about His return at the last day. Paul addressing his hearers exhorted them to be ready as if this was the last age. Christian’s would have come away with the impression that Jesus would come in their lifetime. This is way to obvious to ignore. No Christian living in the first century would conclude by what they were taught that there is a designated age in the far distant future where certain political and historical events had to come to pass before the day of judgment and the appearing from heaven of the blessed Savior. Add to this the truth that the last day and the second coming of our Lord coincide with the resurrection of the dead. 1 Corinthians 15 speaks of the Lords return and the resurrection as being a simultaneous event. Jesus could not have come to earth for a second time as many contend and then go back to heaven only to return as the Lord of lords and King of Kings in His full glory to judge the quick and the dead as scripture clearly says. You would have the advents and not the two spoken of in scripture. On this score premillenialism is false and in contradiction to the word of God and the testimony of our Lord and His Apostles. The errors of Postmillenialism constitute a different type of misreading of the world of God. But that is a subject for another post perhaps. At any rate I am confident that what is being taught here is definitely wrong. I pray that many would reconsider and embrace the true eschatological doctrine as taught by the Holy Son of God.

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