One Comment on “Africa is rich with natural resources which is the reason that China and Russia are wanting to militarize this continent”

  1. Sorry to say that while this may be true it has nothing to do with end times. We have far more reason to see the abominable pentacostal and charismatic movements which are universal as a possible sign of the end and not what any wicked nation may be doing. Russia is not spoken of in prophecy. When will we get these false political notions out of our minds? False Faith’s are what we are specifically called to beware of. God has no endtime plan for Israel other than that they will be a nation who are by and large in rebellion against the Messiah who came once to His people to offer them salvation and was turned away except for the elect like the Apostles and all those who were saved during and after His ascension to the right hand of the Father His second return will be in fearful judgment not to set up a millenial kingdom!

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