3 Comments on “The movie and the stage presentation of "Fiddler on the Roof" is a reminder of the rise in anti-semitism by the Islamic world and the false church today”

  1. This is amazing to me. Christian’s are by far, I mean not even close to being the most persecuted and I’ll treated people in the world. In Africa and the Middle east Christian’s age being slaughtered and severely persecuted and Jimmy DeYoung is talking about anti semitism Jews are not experiencing anywhere near the kind of suffering Christian’s are enduring right now. As the governments of Europe and in America continue to suppress the gospel, let’s not forget about the wicked Chinese government and how they treat Christian’s and this Brother is talking about anti semitism among unsaved hell bound Messiah hating Jews. What about the way the unsaved Jew treats the Christian? Or how they feel and treat those Jews who have believed in Jesus as the Messiah? We ought not to give any special place to Jews who are not experiencing any more hardship than others around the world. They are not entitled to such a place. Like all of the unsaved who are under the wrath of God the unsaved Jew has no special ethnic leverage before God. John 3:36. This privileged position vanished with the end of the old covenant. Jesus said to Israel behold your house is desolate. Their national privilege and blessing came to an abrupt end as a chosen people when they refused their Messiah. The truth of this is too plain in the new covenant writings. A full and honest exegesis of the relevant passages bear this out without dispute. The nation was cast out but not the ELECT within the covenant nation. This was the promise to the Fathers. Roman’s 9 thru 11 as laid out by Paul teaches this. Why are there believing Jews? Because they were elected from the foundation of the world.Revelation 13:8 Ephesians 1:4 and many other passages confirm this. The Ekklesia not a nation is where one will find Gods people chosen in Christ. Whether they be Jews or Gentiles. Paul argues in Roman’s 11 that a remnant among the Jews will be saved and brought into the one body of Christ. These are beloved for the Fathers sakes and is the reason why we need to preach Christ and Him crucified to the Jews as well as all other nations.
    Because sinners detest the doctrine of election and predestination this sound interpretation of those passages especially in Roman’s do not strike a cord with free will universalist premillenial professed Christian’s.
    Jimmy DeYoung like most has a faulty understanding about the distinctions between old and new covenants and how it relates to the once chosen covenant nation through whom our beloved Messiah and Son of God came to redeem a people for Himself out if every nation kindred and tribe. The emphasis of Jewish evangelism came to an end as we see it in the book of Acts because the promise to the Jew first was fulfilled and now the Ekklesia and the great commission would go into all the world. Paul told the Thessalonians that the constant persecution by the Jews particularly their leaders was a token that wrath had come upon them to the utmost. The obvious reason being they were now being dealt with as sinners and rebels against the Lord and His ANNOINTED just like every other nation who knows not the Lord Jesus. Even today Israel is a godless secular nation where every abomination on earth morally speaking is being practiced. Homosexuality atheism agnosticism prostitution and every manner of adultery. Believing Jews are not well received and are often cursed and assaulted for witnessing to their brethren in the flesh that is. I know of many instances where this happens routinely. So even as Israel is a nation once again it is quite apparent they are not bring forth any fruit and are as morally culpable as any gentile nation under the judgment of God. Not too mention all of the evil liberal and communist Jews have done in the world to hurt Christian’s and many others. In America they support wretched evil politicians and open Christ haters for example. The name Debbie Wasserman Schultz come to mind?

  2. To all those beloved of the Lord please read scripture by itself and leave your presuppositions behind. Ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate the word and teach you the doctrines of the faith.

  3. Let’s be clear. To reject the error that Jews or the children of Abraham have a privileged place in the eternal covenant of redemption is not an act of anti semitism in any way. So when you hear premillinenialist believers saying that to believe in so called replacement theology, that is where the church replaces the nation of Israel is a form of anti semitism as I heard John MacArthir say is simply false. Let God be true and everyman a liar! It seems Christian’s are using a tactic used by the ungodly especially Jews who refuse to accept moral criticism when their bad deeds are exposed and called into question. Why Jews would be exempt from moral and social criticism while other nationalities are not, except Blacks of course who use racism as their defensive mechanism , is beyond me?
    I thought we ought to love the sinner but only hate the sin? It seems this does not apply when it comes to the Jewish people even among the righteous? If we believe that all of the unsaved are lost and in need of salvation why would this not also apply to Jews? Most people who have ever inhabited this world have perished in their sin and this is true of the children of Abraham in their generations. May God save and draw many Jews in this day and age. For Jesus Sake. Amen.

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