One Comment on “There are reports that Russia is preparing to attack the European Union”

  1. Satan is using false prophetic events advocated by certain proponents of the premillenial view of eschatology. Multitudes of Christian’s are being mislead about end times as they look to the political formations of nations who are not referred to in scripture who are supposed to lead a full assault against the nation of Israel. While some good godly men teach these errors there are a great many who are false teachers and prophets who are working for the false Christianity of the one who we are told comes as an angel of light. I implore all faithful believers to ignore anything you hear about Russia Iran and a final battle of armageddon before Jesus returns to set up a Kingdom as He rules from Jerusalem for a thousand years etc. Interesting how the Apostles Peter and Paul missed this leaving only the Apostle of John to provide a few very difficult passages for the Assembly of Christ to draw this doctrine from? And in a book that is not chronological and contains much by way of symbolism and imagery that is very difficult to understand and interpret. Jesus Himself never alludes to an earthly reign from Jerusalem for a thousand years. In fact every statement recorded in the gospels where Jesus spoke of His second coming leaves the reader with only one conclusion; be always ready for His return which is at the last day or the day of Judgment. The inescapable conclusion is that from our earthly perspective His second coming commences with the resurrection at the last day and is imminent. Dont be decieved.

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