This year marks the 90th Anniversary of the Jewish slaughter in Hebron which is the second most sacred city in Judaism

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: The President Reuven Rivlin and the speaker of the Knesset were going to be traveling along with the Prime Minister to visit Hebron. That it was the 90th anniversary of the 1929 slaughter of Jews there in Hebron. Talk to us about what you’re going to be doing on the 90thanniversary?

DW: Actually the reason that they came in for that is because the decision was made about 20 years ago that every 10 years there would be an official governmental ceremony marking the massacre that took place here in 1929. They were instigated and in sighted by mufti of Jerusalem and Hussaini who was later a Nazi. He worked with Hitler and had plans to annihilate the Jews living here in pre-state Israel during World War II.

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