Teaching right doctrine is the major reason for the local church in our world today

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: As part of the prep for today’s discussion we have this information in front of us. So let me just kind of look at the list and ask you some questions. Here’s one, the Biblical emphasis on right doctrine, how do you approach this particular issue?

DJ: Well I teach and preach on this specific issue quite a bit. Actually I preached it in a church just this past weekend as well. The main passage I used for this is found in I Timothy starting in chapter 1. In verse 3 of I Timothy chapter 1 Paul tells Timothy to remain in emphasis in order to command certain men to not teach any doctrine other then what they’ve learned from Paul. And we could really call I Timothy we could almost call it II Ephesians because what Paul writes is for the sake of the entire church.

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