Russia not only has a presence in the Middle East but also Eastern Europe and Africa as well

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: European Union member states are part of NATO. Vladimir Putin of course has been the focus of NATO. NATO was established so that the European Union could be protected from Russia. However a report coming from Hungary John, that Vladimir Putin is going to go visit his European Union ally there once again. NATO’s going to have to make a stand pretty soon aren’t they?

JR: Well Russia certainly is working to frustrate NATO. The S-400 missile defense system has been deployed in Turkey. Being a NATO nation and yet the divisions from the European Union and we have many many aspects of that division but in this case primarily east – west we see that the Eastern European countries feel more of an alliance with Russia at times because they know one thing is that they don’t want to go ahead with the European Union political union. And so now we have the missile defense from Russia will probably be going into Serbia.

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