It’s Time to Pray!

By Jim Schneider Executive Director, VCY America

   Psalm 11:3, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

   We live in a time of great evil and intense wickedness. Society is not getting better and better, but is growing darker and further distanced from God and His Word. We stand ripe for God’s judgment. Indeed we are witnessing what Paul described, “in the last days perilous times shall come.” (II Timothy 3:1)

   It’s appalling that our “civilized society” continues to take the lives of innocent human beings in the womb. Since a majority of justices gave their “opinion” in 1973 that abortion is a constitutional right, more than 61 million unborn babies have been killed. When New York legislated this year the ability to take the life of an unborn baby up to the moment of birth, a standing ovation was held. More recently New York  Governor, Andrew Cuomo, signed legislation banning the declawing of cats from this “inhumane and unnecessary” procedure. Just think, under New York law, cats now have greater protection than unborn babies. Other states are joining New York  in its barbaric ways.  It’s time to pray!

   Not only is life cheapened at the early stages of life, but there is growing momentum for taking the lives of the elderly, the disabled, or those who just don’t have the “quality of life” others believe they should have. The downward slide continued when the Governor of Oregon signed into law the elimination of the 15-day waiting period for those who desire “physician-assisted suicide” if they are diagnosed as “near death.” The number of states is growing that allows for the murder of the elderly, the disabled, or those “near the end of their life” under the guise of “death with dignity.”  On July 25, a “suicide pod” designed to kill patients with nitrogen was unveiled by Dr. Philip Nitschke (also known as Dr. Death.)  It’s time to pray!

   Those espousing the “normalization” and proliferation of the LGBTQ+ lifestyle never sleep or take a break. Their indoctrination is impacting all segments of our society as “Pride” celebrations are held across the nation. Corporate America has fallen hook, line and sinker to the demands of the LGBTQ+ movement to advocate for the “Equality Act” (a measure already passed by the House of Representatives.) This legislation targets and negatively impacts EVERY church and Christian ministry in the nation. It’s time to pray!

   “Drag Queen Story Hours” are featured in libraries and schools across the nation.  In July 2019, librarians from across the country were schooled on holding such events and how to deal with dissenting individuals.  Librarians were taught how to keep private from parents information about LGBT books their children might be checking out or reviewing. At a public hearing, a “drag queen” explained very clearly the goal of “grooming the next generation.” At one drag queen story hour, pre-school children were allowed to crawl around on top of a biological male dressed as a woman.  Heavy police presence and even a SWAT team in one location sat on rooftops in order to “protect” the perversion of pre-school children through these story hours.  It’s time to pray!

   Programs such as the PBS “Arthur” recently featured a same-sex “marriage.” “My Little Pony” featured a lesbian couple. Hollywood producers and broadcast networks are increasing the presence of homosexual characters in their TV productions or on the big screen.  It’s time to pray!
   School districts across the country, even entire states (most recently Oregon) have mandated LGBT promotion in all courses showing the “positive” contributions and roles of those who identify as “LGBT.”    Boys identifying as girls (and vice versa) are being allowed in some districts to use the locker rooms and restrooms of the gender to which they identify. It’s time to pray!

   While sin abounds, attacks against God and His Word are ramping up. Recently a federal judge banned prayers and religious songs at public school graduations. In South Carolina, a marker honoring fallen police officers was removed because it mentioned “God.”  A concerted effort is being made to ban the name of “God” or “Jesus” from the public square. The intolerance of Biblical Christianity is increasing.  It’s time to pray!

   The mantra from Islam “to kill the infidels” is growing. Iran hurls verbal attacks against the United States — known to them as the “great Satan” — and against Israel as the “little Satan.” Recently “slaughter the Jews” was spray painted on a section of the Western Wall in the Muslim Quarter.  Calls are increasing to “wipe Israel off the face of the map.” One congresswoman in the U.S. has literally done this in her own office. Anti-Semitism is ever increasing.  It’s time to pray!

   This is but a microcosm of what is happening in our world today.  And sadly we see an increasing number of marriages and families, yes even in the Christian community being torn apart. Also on the increase is the number of churches participating in “interfaith dialogue” while abandoning core Bible doctrine. An increased focus on entertainment and watered-down religion for purposes of gathering in larger numbers of church-goers is occurring across the nation.  It’s time to pray!

   In response to the seriousness of our times, VCY America along with Trail Ridge Camp are calling for a Day of Prayer, Saturday, August 24.  This Day of Prayer will be held on the facilities of Trail Ridge Camp, S2695 Cherith Way, Hillsboro, Wisconsin.  This day of earnest prayer will be facilitated by Dr. Les Ollila, founder and director of “Building Great Leaders.”

   This will not be a day of recreation, but a time to come together for meaningful prayer. Dr. Ollila will guide attendees through times of Adoration (praising God), Agreement (confession), and Asking (intercession). We must turn back to God! “Call unto Me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.” (Jeremiah 33:3)

   Participants should arrive at the camp between 8:00-9:00 am for fellowship. The session will begin at 9:00 am. Day of Prayer will continue until 2:30 pm. (Please note that childcare is not available, therefore it is necessary for arrangements to be made before coming to camp.)

   There is NO COST to attend. A complimentary lunch will be served. A freewill offering will be received to cover this expense. Due to planning, REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED by Wednesday, August 21. Registration is available on-line at For questions call Trail Ridge at 608-489-3810.

   Why should we fail to use the offensive weapon of prayer in this spiritual battle being waged?  It’s time to pray!

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