Prophecy Thru the Bible 2 Now Available on VCY Bible Institute

Prophecy through the Bible – Part II is an exciting class taught by Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, host of Prophecy Today. Looking at the books of Acts and the Epistles, Dr. DeYoung shows how the prophetic Word is found, even in books not typically thought of as prophetic.

Each lesson features a lecture from Dr. DeYoung, workbook, answer key, quizzes, suggested readings, and more. Originally designed for graduate credit, this course is available for you to audit for free.

Prophecy Through the Bible is the third course by Dr. DeYoung available thru the VCY Bible Institute. Other courses include “Introduction to the Study of Bible Prophecy” which includes a focus on hermenutics and dispensationalism, and Prophecy Through the Bible I – a focus on the Pentateuch, Historical books of the Old Testament, Wisdom literature, and the Gospels. Other courses from Carl Kerby and Les Ollila are also available in the VCY Bible Institute.

Learn more at VCY.Bible – the Free Online Bible Institute

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