Brinkman Adventures Presents…

FREEDOM: WILLIAM BRADFORD AND THE AMERICAN PILGRIMS, a 13 episode Brinkman Adventures radio series will premier October 2-3 on VCY America, with the final episode scheduled to air on December 25-26. 

If your listeners appreciate radio dramasthey’ll love Brinkman Adventures. This particular series addresses timely issues such as a pandemic, religious persecution, and the quest for freedom through a Christian, family-friendly, and historical lens.

With a target audience of ages 6-adult, listeners of all ages will experience

  • the political and religious persecution of the 1600’s
  • the Pilgrims’ high value of Scripture and desire to train up their children in the faith
  • the horrific voyage across the Atlantic 
  • the heart-wrenching pandemic that claimed many of their lives 
  • the love expressed by the Pilgrims toward some of their own persecutors who crewed the Mayflower
  • the respect shown to the Native Americans and the reciprocation by many of the Wampanoags
  • the wantonness of socialism and the Pilgrims’ democratic beliefs
  • God’s Providence in this time

No matter where they are in their spiritual journey, listeners will be challenged and changed through these episodes. Believers will be reminded that they, too, are strangers and pilgrims who must keep their eyes fixed upon the eternal no matter what the circumstances. 

Tune in this week!

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