Say “Yes” to Life with Brad Mattes

“We are going to keep her and her name is Emmerson.”

“I figured if he knew her name, maybe he would see her as a life.   This is a doctor — he is supposed to speak life.  He is supposed take care of my child — not rally for the end of her.” —Courtney Baker, with her husband, Matt, said “yes” to life … giving birth to their daughter with Down syndrome despite doctor’s counsel to abort.

Say “Yes” to Life

Brad Mattes (President of Life Issues Institute and speaker for the daily 1:00 feature “Life Issues”) hosts an all-new Sanctity of Life half-hour radio special.

This special will underscore the pro-life message with encouraging and uplifting input from three special guests:

Matt and Courtney Baker are mom and dad to 6-year-old Emmerson, their daughter with Down syndrome (pictured above with Brad).

Jenny Foster is author of “Natty’s Pond—A Memoir” which shares her journey to finding healing and forgiveness after a medically advised abortion.  The traumatic loss resulted in a 20 year path from isolation and shame to full acceptance of Christ’s forgiveness.

Daniel Wechter, MD is a Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist based in Michigan who has over 45 years of experience in the field.  He also speaks from the very personal perspective of a dad whose daughter has Down syndrome.  Powerful advocacy for the sanctity of life from a physician’s vantage point.

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Say ‘Yes’ to Life
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“It’s a national tragedy that so many physicians recommend abortion for babies facing a challenge during pregnancy.  It’s even more alarming the degree with which they push their opinion on parents.  I want this program to equip parents with the knowledge they are not alone and that they can and should reject medical advice that includes ending the life of their baby. —Brad Mattes

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