Faces of Roe

VCY America will air “Faces of Roe” on:
Friday, April 22 at 12:00pm Central
Saturday, April 23 at 6:00pm Central

The US Supreme Court will soon rule on the Dobbs late-term abortion case. The law in question would end abortion when an unborn child reaches the age of 15 weeks.

I want you to meet a mother and a father who were victimized by the abortion industry. Had this law been in effect where they live, their babies would be alive today and they spared from unspeakable anguish.

You’ll also meet a young woman with a deep and abiding passion to help women facing unexpected pregnancies. Her group is doing amazing things to assure women have the resources they need to say yes to LIFE.

Finally, I’ll introduce you to a former late-term abortionist who now advocates for the protection of all unborn children.

Collectively they share a compelling message that shines a light on the ugly truth about abortion and why the Supreme Court’s decision is so important.

~Brad Mattes

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