Within our Reach

Within Our Reach

We’re losing our children at an alarming rate, A study done in 2019 showed that nearly two-thirds of 18 to 29-year-olds in the US who grew up in church, and were active as a child or teen, have now withdrawn from church involvement as an adult. More recent studies show that
number to be as high as 85%.

We have to ask, “Why?” Why are young adults so likely to walk away from their faith, and what can we as parents, grandparents, brothers, and friends do to overcome the mass exodus of the next generation? Many of our youth know what they believe, but they don’t know why they
believe it, or why it even matters. The pull of social media and the internet, inactive parenting, postmodern philosophy in the schools, weak teaching in churches, and “ice cream and pizza” youth groups have all contributed to this plight. Unanswered questions have created a void in their lives, and they are looking for and finding other ways to fill it.

Within Our Reach, a new film from Reasons For Hope, not only highlights the problems that lead to this rising generation going astray, but provides clear and simple solutions that can begin right in your own home. Our children are within our reach, and we can start to reach them today!

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