Kids Talk Update

After 36 years and over 1800 broadcasts produced, hosts “Uncle Jim & Aunt Faith” will be stepping away from Kids Talk, and transitioning the program to new hosts, “Uncle Aaron & Aunt Amber.”

The VCY Birthday Club ministry began January 1, 1987 and the Kids Talk radio broadcast followed just two days later, January 3, 1987.  Through these 36 years, hundreds of thousands of birthday packets have been mailed with a Gospel witness included in every one.  Only eternity will reveal those who have been spiritually impacted through this ministry.

As Kids Talk begins its 37th year in January, 2023 “Uncle Aaron & Aunt Amber” will assume the full production responsibilities of Kids Talk coupled with their ministry at Trail Ridge Camp.  They have already been engaged in the program as they hosted two programs earlier this year and have been announcing the birthday each week.

So, who are “Uncle Aaron & Aunt Amber?”  Tune in to Kids Talk during the weekends of November 12 & November 19, “Uncle Jim & Aunt Faith” will introduce “Uncle Aaron & Aunt Amber” to the listeners.  Kids Talk can be heard Saturdays at 8:30am Central & Sundays at 2:00pm Central on VCY America.

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