2011 Top 10 Gay Abuses

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Air Date: December 28, 2011

Host: Vic Eliason

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This edition of Crosstalk features Vic Eliason as he reads an article from Linda Harvey of Mission America. Linda’s article is a compilation of the Top 10 “gay” causes of 2011.

The article runs the gamut and mentions efforts by homosexuals to get Christians fired, put out of business or expelled from college programs; the effect of the sex-change phenomenon on children; slander and libel against Christians; California’s attempt to get pro-homosexual indoctrination in the schools codified into law; U.S. foreign aid tied to how well a nation views homosexuality as a human right and more.

Vic also reported on what’s referred to as “the kiss heard around the world”, the East Coast phenomenon of “gay coffee” and then he opened the phone lines for listener response.

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The article by Linda Harvey can be accessed via WorldNetDaily at the following link:


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