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Air Date: November 20, 2012

Host: Vic Eliason

Guest: Joseph Farah

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Joseph Farah is the author of The Tea Party manifesto, and the editor and CEO of WND, the largest independent internet news service in the United States

President Obama received 10 million fewer votes than he did in 2008. You’d think that would mean a landslide win for the Republicans but it didn’t happen. Why not? Perhaps the following factors played a role:

–Precincts that allegedly had more votes cast than the number of people registered to vote. Perhaps this can be answered by the reports of people who registered to vote but were ineligible or those who attempted to vote twice.

–Some precincts are alleged to have not had one opposing party vote registered. For example, Farah noted the account of a man who, at his Chicago polling place, actually saw his vote for Romney switch to a vote for Obama. When confronting the polling master about the issue, he was told to assume his vote was recorded correctly.

–In Florida they had a different problem with ballots that were unaccounted for that showed up in a warehouse.

–What about the troubling foreign contributions?

America is currently in debt to the tune of 16.5 trillion and in four years we will be at 25 trillion. We are headed toward a “fiscal cliff”. The Republicans hold the power to make a change in this area but will they?

Joseph Farah has an inside track on the answers to these and other intriguing questions as he discussed some interesting aspects of the recently held elections as well as the possible fallout.

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