Boy Scouts to Capitulate on Homosexuality?

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Air Date: January 30, 2013

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Peter LaBarbera

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Peter LaBarbera is President of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality.

Jim Schneider noted information from Dr. Paul Cameron indicating that studies regarding male homosexuality show that they make up only about 1-3% of the population yet are responsible for 20-40% of all child molestation cases.

In spite of this, the Boy Scouts are planning to make a decision in the very near future about possibly overturning their policy that for the first time would allow homosexuals to be involved in the scouting program.

Peter feels the Boy Scouts have been harassed by liberals and homosexual activists ever since they won in the Supreme Court in 2000 to live by their own moral creed.

Jim pointed out that this is astounding because the scouts just conducted a two-year study on this and just 7 months ago they came forth and made a statement basically saying that they won’t allow homosexual leaders and that no further action would be taken on the matter.

Peter attributes this change in attitude to immense corporate pressure; pressure that began as homosexual activists targeted companies who would realize that since they have non-discrimination policies, they should apply the same logic to their support of the scouts.

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Main Number – (972) 580-2000 / Email: [email protected]
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Scout Public Relations (972) 580-7848 or 1-855-870-2178

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