Environmentalism’s Connection To The Nazi Movement

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Air Date: February 3, 2014

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest R. Mark Musser

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R. Mark Musser is the pastor of ‘Grace Redeemer Bible Church’ in Olympia, Washington. His website is ‘RMarkMusser.com.’ He is a contributing writer to the ‘Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation.’

He is also the author of the book, ‘Nazi Oaks: The Green Sacrifice of the Judeo-Christian Worldview in the Holocaust,’ and he discussed environmentalism’s connection to the Nazi movement. He traced the philosophical roots of the environmental movement back even before Nazism to the 1800’s in Germany. He is not saying that modern-day environmentalists are Nazis, but that the philosophical roots of environmentalism can be traced back to the Nazi movement. Adolph Hitler and Heinrich Himmler were both extreme animal rights advocates. They blamed the Jews for much of what they considered to be cruelty to animals.

Musser also discussed some of the extreme environmentalism and animal rights views of other Nazi leaders such as: Rudolf Hess, Albert Speer, Martin Heidegger, and Hitler’s favorite philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

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