Chrislam Exposed The Seductive Lie of a Common God Between Christianity And Islam –Part 1

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Air Date: October 27, 2014

Host: Gordon Morris

Guest: Sharam Hadian

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Shahram Hadian was born in Iran to a Muslim family. When he was 7 years old, his family came to America to escape an oppressive Islamic regime. He eventually experienced a transformational life change when he committed his life to Jesus Christ. This not only changed his destiny for eternity, it also changed his situation with his family and Islamic culture as he immediately began to face persecution and disapproval from his family and from the Islamic community. He is now considered to be an apostate and according to the dictates of the Qur’an, deserves to be killed with no repercussions to those who might do so.

Shahram is now dedicated to reaching out and speaking out to let people know about the deception of Islam, its true goal that many are not aware of and the threat of Shariah which is the heart of Islam. He spoke about these things at the VCY America rally that took place in September.

In the first of this two-part series dealing with Islam and how it’s affecting Christianity, Shahram began by noting there is no political correctness in the Bible, so as churches preach truth and love, they need to define terms such as tolerance and love. This involves discussing the truth about whether or not Christians and Muslims worship the same God. This brings up a number of questions that Shahram’s presentation tackles:

–Is the God of the Bible the same as the Allah of Islam?

–Can you be both a Christian and a Muslim at the same time?

–Should Christians be reaching out to Muslims seeking spiritual reconciliation?

–Should Christians and Muslims be holding joint services?

–Are the Bible and the Qur’an equal?

–Should we merge both religions into one called “Chrislam”?

According to Shahram, Islam denies that Jesus is God, that he’s the Son of God and that he’s come in the flesh. This is the message of an antichrist spirit. Spreading this message is not only what Islam does, it’s what Islam was born to do and if anyone says anything different, they are either ignorant of the ideology of Islam or they’re lying.

Shahram also refutes the following points that are foundational to “Chrislam.”

–There’s a common word among Christians and Muslims.

–Muslims have a common love of God and neighbor with Christians.

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