What Is Revival? – Part I

In 1971, a revival took place in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, where God saw fit to work in a marvelous way.

Not only has this moving of the Spirit of God affected that area, but it has also gone around the world and continues to minister to people even to this day.

What is revival all about and what does it means to really meet God at a deeper level?

One definition of revival is “when God gets so tired of being misrepresented in the church that He decides to show up Himself.”

Revival is the restoring of health and vigor into the life of a congregation, into the whole Body of Christ; it’s a call to honesty and godliness; it’s when God becomes our goal for living, not merely the solving of our problems; it’s when the value systems of believers are transformed into the value systems of eternity; and it’s merely learning how to put God first, instead of putting Him off.

We need a reviving, a requickening, today!

We need it because of…

  • Our distorted worldview
  • Our destroyed self-image
  • Our dead churches
  • Our need for God to show up
  • Our need to rejoice in the Lord
  • Our need to put God back on the throne and recognize who He is

There’s no telling what God will do with any of our lives, if we come to a place of full surrender, commitment, and personal reviving.

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