40 Irrefutable Signs of the Last Generation

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Date: April 20, 2011

Guest: Noah Hutchings

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Dr. Noah Hutchings is president of Southwest Radio Ministry in Oklahoma City. He has written more than 100 books and booklets covering many Bible related themes. He has traveled to many places around the world in his lifetime and his 40 trips to Israel and the Middle East helps to make him uniquely qualified to speak on the issue of signs related to last-days events.

While Dr. Hutchings doesn’t set specific dates for Christ’s return, Christians can’t ignore the fact that 40 is the biblical number of probationary judgment. In light of that, Dr. Hutchings uses his time on Crosstalk to explain how he’s been able to document 40 signs that he believes point to the last generation that will see the return of Christ; signs that are relative to today’s world.

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