Instilling a Christian Worldview in Young People

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Air Date: April 28, 2011

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Dr. Jeff Myers

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Dr. Jeff Myers is current chairman of the board of Summit Ministries, and current president of Passing the Baton International. In the last 20 years Dr. Myers has become one of America’s most respected authorities on youth leadership development and will be the new president upon the retirement of Summit’s founder, Dr. David Noebel.

According to Dr. Myers, 4 out of 5 young people who are significantly involved in church in their teen years are no longer involved in any way by the time they reach their mid-20’s. Why is this happening and what causes that fifth young person to remain in the faith?

For nearly 50 years, Summit Ministries has been working to reverse this kind of erosion of faith as they train young people to understand the Christian worldview and apply it to their lives. Dr. Myers shares the importance of this in light of the current moral, spiritual and political downslide of America.

Dr. Myers presented a $50 scholarship offer to those youth interested in attending one of two upcoming Summit conferences. There is a Tennessee conference slated for Bryan University on July 10th-22nd and a Wisconsin conference in Green Lake scheduled for August 7th-19th. To obtain a scholarship form, communicate with Summit Ministries via the e-mail address below.

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