Military Chaplains Under Attack

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Air Date: June 13, 2011

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Gordon Klingenschmitt

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Gordon Klingenschmitt is a former U.S. Navy Chaplain who made national headlines when he was vindicated by Congress after he took a stand for the rights of military chaplains to pray publicly in the name of Jesus. He was told repeatedly not to do this because he was told that this denigrates those of other faiths.

Upon continuing the practice he was ousted from the military, but due in part to citizen input, Congress rebuked the Navy, and eventually rescinded their policy regarding chaplains. Navy lawyers refused to “grandfather” that legislative victory to Klingenschmitt’s case and the Navy honorably but involuntarily discharged him after 16 years of service.

Since that time Klingenschmitt has started a ministry that you can learn more about by going to

The battle to uphold Christian values and rights in the military is far from over as shown by the following points discussed on this Crosstalk:

–The U.S. Veterans Administration tried to stop a chaplain from praying in the name of Jesus at a recent Memorial Day celebration.

–The Air Force Academy recently created an outdoor rock-circle specifically set aside for pagans, Wiccans and others belonging to earth-based religions.

–How the repealing of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” is affecting the chaplaincy.

–The pressuring of chaplains to perform homosexual weddings inside military chapels.

–Islam and its affect on the military.
ments of certain individuals but rather on the alternative lifestyles they lived out.

–AB-433 would allow the issuing of new birth certificates to those who change their gender.

On the federal front, Christians need to keep an eye on the Student Non-Discrimination Act–HR-998/SB-555. This legislation would introduce alternate lifestyle options to elementary and secondary school children.

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To comment on HR-1540—The National Defense Authorization Act, call the Capitol Switchboard at the following numbers:


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