ACORN, the ACLU and Voter Fraud

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Air Date: June 22, 2011

Host: Vic Eliason

Guest: Robert Knight

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Robert Knight is an Executive Director of the American Civil Rights Union and is a contributing author to the new book, Ten Truths About Socialism.

Bob reviews what happened back in 2009 when two young conservative activists took a video camera into several ACORN offices and pretended to be a pimp and prostitute. They recorded video showing ACORN employees giving them advice regarding how they could evade the law while running a sex-trafficking business, a business the ACORN employees thought these individuals were operating.

You’d think that after that embarrassment, ACORN would have disappeared. Instead, they are developing into state chapters that have been re-branded under different names.

Bob looks at this resurgence, the ACLU’s involvement, how ACORN was at the heart of the housing “bubble” that has burst and is now hurting our economy, and more.

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