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Air Date: July 16, 2011

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Caryl Matrisciana

First Aired: July 13, 2011

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Caryl is co-founder and has been co-producer of Jeremiah Films for 23 years. In 2002, she founded Caryl Productions, which produces cutting edge video journalism and information to help discern the times in which we live. Her autobiography is the book, Out of India: A True Story about the New Age Movement, which recently has been revised and updated. The original title was Gods of the New Age.

Caryl told her story of being born and raised in India, where she was surrounded by a strange and mystical religion. She saw firsthand the effects Hinduism had on the people of that nation, including some experiences that were quite frightening. After leaving India as a young adult, she became involved in the counter-culture hippie movement, only to find that the elements of Hinduism and the New Age were very much the same. Eventually, Caryl discovered that this same spirituality had entered not only the Western world, but the Christian church as well, disguised with different names but with the same spiritual basis as Eastern religion.

Caryl decried, as she does in her book, the way in which many churches, from mainline to evangelical and even conservative, have been drawn by what she calls “another gospel”. One area that has deceived many has been the practice of Yoga. Its roots are in mystical religion, but today millions of people, many of them Christians, wrongly believe they can separate the exercise and relaxation qualities of Yoga from its Hindu underpinnings.

Books sold in most Christian bookstores, such as the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, are more mystical than biblical. Rick Warren’s “Global Peace Plan” has very little biblical content, and even today’s “social gospel” being promoted by some evangelicals incorporates some of the same unbiblical ideas.

NOTE: This program first aired January 16, 2009

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