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Air Date: July 21, 2011

Host: Gordon Morris

Guest: Gary Kah

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Gary Kah was a specialist for Europe and Middle East trade for the State of Indiana. Today he leads a ministry known as Hope for the World, headquartered in Indiana.

In this presentation, recorded at a VCY America rally in February, 2010, Gary focuses on certain developments regarding President Obama and the Middle East.

Points looked at include:

–Obama’s “stick and carrot” approach to make sure that if Israel wants to see the Iranian nuclear threat dealt with by the U.S., they must move ahead toward a two-state solution concerning the Palestinians.

–Obama raises funds for the election campaign of Muslim leader Raila Odinga of Kenya.

–Those in positions of power that would like to internationalize the city of Jerusalem and why.

–A top Islamic author calls for the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem.

–Rick Warren and Bill Hybels and their ecumenical/interfaith ties.

NOTE: This program first aired August 12, 2010

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