Southern Discomfort for Illegals

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Air Date: August 18, 2011

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Mark Kirkorian

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Mark Kirkorian is the Executive Director for the Center for Immigration Studies.

According to Mark, the illegal immigrant control situation is better than it was before 9-11. That’s due not only to increased and better southern border enforcement but also because of the slumping American economy. In spite of the drop in the number of illegal immigrants crossing the border, the violence factor has increased.

Illegal immigrants are more than three times likely to be high-school dropouts than Americans and therefore do tend to fill lower level employment situations. Mark notes that these illegal immigrants aren’t coming to the U.S. to “rip us off”. The reality is that these individuals are 19th century workers coming to a 21st century economy, so with their lack of education, they end up using services.

After setting up this foundation, Mark continues by addressing the following:

–The immigration bill (HB-87) in Georgia and its interesting citizen review board element.
–Are programs such as “e-verify” that attempt to see if potential employees are telling the truth about themselves a precursor to a government surveillance system in our society?
–Alabama’s immigration law which has a provision relating to children that are illegals.
–What is the overall trend regarding immigration legislation in other states?
–The “Dream Act” that provides amnesty for illegals who came here before their 16th birthday. Is this just a “moral club” to get people to agree to amnesty for everyone regardless of age?
–Why is President Obama so interested in protecting illegal aliens?

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