The Middle East: A Tinderbox

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Air Date: August 22, 2011

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: David Rubin

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David Rubin is the former mayor of Shiloh, Israel in the region of Samaria, known to most of the world as the West Bank. He is the founder and president of Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund, dedicated to easing the trauma of children who have been victims of terrorist attacks, as well as rebuilding the biblical heartland of Israel. David is the author of The Islamic Tsunami: Israel and America in the Age of Obama.

While there’s been considerable concentration on unrest in Egypt, Libya and Syria, this past weekend Israel was attacked again. 2 separate incidents involved terrorists who apparently infiltrated from the Sinai desert and conducted shooting attacks on civilian busses. Israel was also the victim of about 100 Palestinian rockets that were launched on various cities.

David noted that it’s been estimated that up to 800 missiles and rockets a day could be fired on Israel in the event of major war that would be fought on several fronts. He believes Israel is preparing for this and that many people believe it is imminent.

He also pointed to a UPI report indicating that over 50,000 missiles and rockets are pointed at Israeli cities from the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza as well as the Hezbollah terrorist organization in Lebanon. Combine this with the instability in Egypt and neighboring Syria along with nuclear Iran and you have a Middle East region that, as David described it, “…is a powder-keg waiting to explode.”


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