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Air Date: September 27, 2011

Host: Vic Eliason

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Vic Eliason presented details on the following stories that highlight the fact that Christianity continues to be “under fire”.

–In England, police pounce on a Christian café for showing Bible verses on a TV screen.

–Vanderbilt University places 4 Christian student groups on provisional status after a school review finds them to be in non-compliance with the school’s non-discrimination policy. The school insists that these groups cannot require that leaders must share Christian goals, values and beliefs.

–In Sumner County, Tennessee, football coaches are in trouble for bowing their heads during student led prayer.

–Two Illinois bed and breakfast establishments are being sued by a homosexual couple who were refused the opportunity to hold their commitment ceremony at these businesses.

–A California couple is fined by their city council for holding Bible studies and prayer meetings at their home.

–Retailers are being put on the spot over anti-gay aid.

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Nicholas Zeppos–Chancellor of Vanderbilt University
211 Kirkland Hall
Nashville, Tennessee 37240
[email protected]

Mark Bandas—Dean of Students
[email protected]

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