Best Of The Week – November 12, 2011

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Air Date: November 9, 2011

Host: Vic Eliason

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Qasim Rashind (Kah-sum Ruh-sheed) is a vocal human rights activist and advocate of what is called “moderate Islam in America”. He is the Executive Editor of The Richmond Journal of Global Law and Business and has co-authored or co-edited two books, Towards a Greater Jihad and By the Dawn’s Early Light. He has been featured in local and national news media including NBC and NPR.

Vic reviewed some of the Shariah teachings of Rashind and showed how they are deceptive and confusing when compared with those activities that Islam typically promotes.

There were also a number of stories that Vic presented for listener comment. Some of them included:

–Microphones catch President Obama and French President Sarcozy making derogatory comments about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

–An “Occupy” protestor “throws a fit” at a McDonald’s restaurant when he can’t obtain free food.

–President Obama’s agriculture department announces it will impose a 15 cent charge on all fresh Christmas trees.

–Iran preparing terrorist groups to retaliate in case Israel strikes against Iran’s nuclear sites.

–The Obama administration announced its objection to adding President Roosevelt’s D-Day prayer to the WWII memorial in Washington.

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