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Air Date: December 01, 2011

Host: Vic Eliason

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The Bible contains 161 references to the tongue. One thing that can flow from the tongue is a six letter word that can destroy people, marriages, churches and other organizations. It’s called, gossip.

Why are pastors sometimes afraid to preach on this subject? Could it be that it’s because they themselves are far too guilty of committing this sin? When you reflect on your own involvement in Bible studies or discussions of spiritual concerns for others, have these sessions been little more than “cover” for the opportunity to gossip?

On the flip side, discussion about others doesn’t always constitute gossip. Find out the difference by joining Vic as he looks at this topic through the 54 page booklet called, “Gossip” by Pastor Kelly Sensenig.

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The booklet entitled, “Gossip” by Pastor Kelly Sensenig is available as follows:

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Three copies for $10.00
Five copies for $15.00

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