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Air Date: December 08, 2011

Host: Vic Eliason

Guest: Rabbi Abba Leiter

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The first quarter hour of this edition of Crosstalk had Rabbi Abba Leiter reflecting upon the rapidly deteriorating spiritual and cultural condition of the United States and the very real possibility of judgment from God.

A good example of what Rabbi Leiter was referring to came to light earlier this week when Crosstalk discussed the Presidential Memorandum to promote LGBT special rights around the globe. Secretary of State Clinton is on a crusade to advance these special rights. On Tuesday she told the United Nations in Geneva that “religious beliefs” are “…standing in the way of protecting human rights of LGBT people”

In addition, just recently the U.S. Senate passed the Defense Authorization Bill. One of the provisions of the bill, is a repeal of Article 125 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. It banned acts such as sodomy and bestiality and any person found guilty was punished with court-martial.

The Senate passed this Bill on a 93-7 vote. (The 7 who voted against this were Senators Coburn, Harkin, Lee, Merkley, Paul, Sanders & Wyden. Every Senator besides these 7 voted in favor of it).

From here the program features audio clips including President Obama’s response to the repeal via his Press Secretary Jay Carney, as well as responses from PETA, Senator John McCain, Lindsey Graham and thoughts on LGBT rights from Senator Hillary Clinton.

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White House – Where does the President stand on the repeal of bestiality?
(202) 456-1111
(202) 456-1414

Sen. John McCain – (202) 224-2235

Sen. Lindsey Graham – (202) 224-5972

Senate Switchboard – (202) 224-3121

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