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Air Date: January 4, 2012

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Gary Kah

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Gary was the Europe and Middle East Trade Specialist for the State of Indiana. In that capacity he traveled to more than 20 countries working with U.S. Embassies and top government officials. In 1987, Gary was invited to join the World Constitution and Parliament Association, one of the organizations involved at the forefront of promoting the world government agenda. During the next 4 years he obtained detailed documents which demonstrated that the push toward a one-world government was active and rapidly advancing.

Gary is the author of, “Enroute to Global Occupation” and “The New World Religion”. He is the founder and director of Hope for the World based in Indiana.

Jim has Gary begin by going over some points contained in his article called, Welcome to 2012. This article sounds like a countdown to December as it looks at numerous religious groups/leaders that will conduct events later this year. They include:

–In Rome and Florence on October 13 through the 21st a conference is scheduled that will feature over 300 spiritual leaders representing the world’s major religions. They will be gathering to draft a charter intended to pave the way for a new global consciousness.

–On December 21st through the 28th the New Group of World Servers will hold a worldwide occult meditation festival.

–On December 22nd, Barbara Marx Hubbard and her allies will feature “Birth 2012”, another worldwide event of occult meditation.

Are these activities a setup for global government? How does radical Islam, the “Arab Spring” and the “Occupy Wall Street” movement fit into all of this? Gary Kah connects the dots between these factors and others as he looks ahead at what may be a very interesting 2012.

More Information:

To see the article, Welcome to 2012 or to obtain information on the documentary 2012: Prophecy or Panic go to www.garykah.com.

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