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Air Date: January 6, 2012

Host: Jim Schneider

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Jim began this edition of Crosstalk with news that Congress will soon take action on H.R. 3261. The short title for this is SOPA or the Stop Online Piracy Act. On the Senate side it is S. 968.

SOPA appears to be unnecessary because there are already plenty of laws that protect Internet piracy. Is this legislation designed to restrain foreign piracy on the Internet or is this really an attempt by the Obama administration to thwart First Amendment freedoms?

Jim also mentioned the following news stories:

–Obama’s non-recess, “recess” appointment of former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray as director for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

–Santorum does well in the Iowa caucus with a plurality of Tea Party supporters; Romney won with those opposing the Tea Party.

–Five of the best sentences you’ll ever read.

–Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the State Department announced an initial contribution of 55 million dollars to Palestinians living in the West Bank, Gaza and other parts of the Middle East.

–The formation of the National Atheist Party.

–Rockford, Illinois, abortion facility is poised to re-open its doors after reaching an out-of-court settlement.

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