The LGBT Agenda Advances

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Air Date: January 9, 2012

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Peter LaBarbera

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Peter LaBarbera is the Founder & President Americans for Truth.

Jim and Peter discussed the following advances taking place in the LGBT movement:

–On January 25th to the 29th, the city of Baltimore will host the largest gathering of LGBT rights advocates. “Creating Change 2012” is a national conference organized by the National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce offering gays and lesbians the ability to strategize on how to build political power back home by lobbying for their causes with legislators. National corporate sponsors include AARP, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, Chili’s Restaurants, Wells Fargo, Shell Oil, Quaker Oats, Office Depot, and more.

–The long-running Archie comic will be introducing homosexual marriage. An upcoming issue will feature a same-sex wedding between Lieutenant Kevin Keller and African-American doctor Clay Walker, a character that Keller meets while recovering from injuries suffered in the Iraq war.

–In California, Senate Bill 48 mandates homosexual history and role model education.

Washington Governor Chris Gregoire plans to implement a bill in the state legislature to legalize homosexual marriage.

–Mitt Romney is considered the best Republican candidate on gay-lesbian issues.

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To contact Washington Governor Chris Gregoire regarding homosexual marriage, call:

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