Chrislam Confusion

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Air Date: March 1, 2012

Host: Vic Eliason

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Lately we’ve been hearing considerable news about the mistake our military allegedly made by burning some Qurans. What may not be known by many is that these Qurans were already corrupted.

Just when you think that America’s “white-glove” treatment toward Islam can’t go any deeper, news sources are reporting that Purpose-Driven pastor Rick Warren is in the news again. This time Warren is allegedly developing what’s referred to as the Kings Way peace plan. This plan is designed to establish peace, define mutual goals between Muslims and Christians and agree that neither side will attempt to evangelize the other.

This is just one example of the current phenomenon known as Chrislam. Chrislam is an attempt by some Christians to combine Christianity with Islam so that hopefully those from both faith systems can happily coexist. What the Christian proponents of this effort fail to tell people is that the doctrines of Islam clearly call for world domination.

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