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Air Date: March 16, 2012

Host: Vic Eliason

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Vic reported on the response from the previous program, which dealt with a blasphemous “entertainment” program which began to be broadcast recently on the ABC television network in the United States, also distributed to television outlets in other countries.

The program was originally titled “Good Christian Bitches”, now just “GSB”, depicts Christians as being grossly immoral, to the point of blasphemy, all for laughs.

On the last Crosstalk, Vic recommended that listeners contact ABC Radio News, since ABC Entertainment gave no phone contact information. He suggested they be asked why they are not covering the story about reaction to the controversial program.

Vic reported that about a half hour after the program ended, he received a call from the Vice President of ABC Radio News, Steven Jones, who said that the many calls coming in had awakened them to the issue, and that it was going to the “assignment desk” to be assigned to a reporter.

Crosstalk first learned about the program from a listener, and since yesterday a number of listeners have called or written to, and also to offer additional points of contact—again at ABC Radio News. Vic said that Christians should continue to contact ABC News to ask about coverage of the program, until such coverage actually takes place on the air.

Before taking calls, Vic read another message from a listener, encouraging people to pray for the actors and producers of the program in question, that God would work on their hearts. Prayer for our nation that allows such programming without any outcry was also encouraged. Vic stated that “the church cannot remain silent while the world around us goes to hell”.

Listeners were urged to put actions to their prayers, and their concerns, in whatever way they can—from handing out tracts and witnessing, to becoming involved in society to provide a Christian perspective.

More Information:

Additional contact information at ABC News:

Steve Jones, VP ABC News Radio: 212-456-5101

Andrew Kalb, Executive Director, Programming: 212-456-5120

Jeff Fitzgerald, Executive Director, Operations: 212-456-5554

Jim Kane, Deputy D.C. Bureau Chief: 202-222-6604

Jon Newman, News Coverage: 212-456-5100 (also given out yesterday)

Joyce Alcantara, Assignment Manager: 212-456-5106

Larry Lafferty, Associate Dir., Broadcast Operations: 212-456-1859

Wayne Fisk, Director, Programming: 212-456-5327

Cristi Landes, Manager, Programming: 212-456-5107

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