If I Wanted America to Fail…

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Air Date: April 30, 2012

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Robert Romano

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Robert Romano is Senior Editor with Americans for Limited Government, an organization that wants to limit the scope of government, including cutting both spending and taxing, and cutting regulations so the citizens can be free to become innovative and successful.

A video was produced recently by Ryan Houck, patterned after an essay by long-time news commentator, Paul Harvey, “If I were the devil”, which he broadcast in 1965. The new video has gone viral, with well over a million downloads.

Some of the points made in the video are discussed in more detail, including

–Increasingly restrictive environmental regulations that threaten to destroy economic production in the United States.

–Policies and announcements that make Americans feel guilty about the amount of energy used, while promoting vastly more expensive—and untried—alternative methods of producing energy.

–Blocking all attempts to develop proven energy resources within the United States, thus perpetuating dependence on foreign oil, and maintaining high fuel prices that affect every American and every American enterprise.

–An armed raid that effectively shut down Gibson guitars because of a regulation about the type of wood being used—even though imported guitars made with the same wood are still being sold. The end result may be that companies will stop making things in the United States that can be made elsewhere without such onerous regulations.

Callers also shared their views.

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To view the video, and read the transcript of “If I Wanted America to Fail…”

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