The Free Press vs. The Controlled Press

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Air Date: May 14, 2012

Host: Vic Eliason

Guest: Joseph Farah

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Joseph Farah is the editor and C.E.O. of WND (formerly known as WorldNetDaily), the largest independent Internet News Service in the United States. He is the Author of “The Tea Party Manifesto”.

After giving a brief history of his journalism career which led to the creation of WND, Joseph described how in running a news organization operating from a Christian worldview, he ran into situations where WND received more than just casual resistance in attempting to get press credentials. While at one time getting press credentials may have been difficult due to being new, Joseph describes how today it can occur because an organization doesn’t like how WND is describing them in their stories.

As the program unfolded, Vic and Joseph discussed the gay christening of President Obama by Newsweek magazine, President Obama’s birth certificate situation as researched by WND staff member Jerome Corsi, the Fox Network’s refusal to let commentators and guests discuss the eligibility issue and the program wrapped up with questions and comments from callers.

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