Mobocracy: The Cultural And Political War to Destroy Our Republic Under God

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Original Air Date: March 22, 2012

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Dr. Jake Jacobs

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Jake Jacobs earned a Ph.D. in Early American History from Northwest University with his dissertation titled, “The Influence of Biblical Ideas on Early American Republicanism and History”. A public high school history teacher for some 25 years, he is known throughout the public education field as a “politically incorrect instructor” and a fighter of the NEA. He is president and founder of the Politically Incorrect Institute and has degrees in American History and Biblical and Judeo-Christian Studies. He appeared on “Fox & Friends” to defend Wisconsin’s Governor, Scott Walker. He is the author of “Mobocracy: The Cultural & Political War to Destroy Our Republic Under God”.

Article 4 section 4 of the Constitution says that we are to have a republican form of government and not a democracy. What does this have to do with “mobocracy”? Dr. Jacobs notes that the term, “mobocracy”, wasn’t new to our founders and that they used it as a synonym for the word “democracy”. He notes how our founders distrusted the idea of a democracy; that mob or majority that could turn against the minority or a violent minority that could turn against the majority.

This fact is lost on many Americans. Dr. Jacobs gives an example of this as he details what he refers to as the “winter Woodstock” that took place in Madison, Wisconsin, as protestors responded to Governor Scott Walker’s position on collective bargaining. Dr. Jacobs describes how the protestors behaved like a mob with some carrying signs describing violent acts while other chanted, “This is what democracy looks like.”

From Karl Marx and Fabian socialists to the rewriting of American history textbooks and his opinion of the National Education Association, Dr. Jacobs covers a lot of ground as he looks at the ideological factors past and present that are affecting the vitality of our republic under God.

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