DOJ Forces Pro-Homosexual Agenda

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Air Date: May 30, 2012

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Steve Crampton

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Steve Crampton is the Vice President of Legal Affairs and General Counsel with Liberty Counsel. He has practiced constitutional and civil rights litigation since 1993. He has served as lead counsel in numerous cases, many of which have resulted in reported decisions in state and federal district and appellate courts.

U.S. House of Representatives is voting this afternoon on HR3541, the Pre-natal Non-discrimination Act of 2012: To prohibit discrimination against the unborn on the basis of sex or race, and for other purposes. One result would be to ban sex-selection abortions.

The U.S. Department of Justice, led by Obama’s appointee Eric Holder, has reportedly sent a letter ordering the University of Arkansas at Ft. Smith to allow a male student to use the women’s bathroom on campus. Apparently having “unisex” restrooms where individuals of either gender can enter one at a time is not a sufficient provision of facilities.

Steve says that if this order is allowed to stand, it will have a domino effect at universities across the nation. This decision has crossed a critical line for government dictating to public institutions, opening a “Pandora’s box” with no end in sight.

This is actually part of an increasing pattern of accommodating “perceived” genders not only at the national level, but also community by community as pro-homosexual activists are demanding local ordinances be revised to end “discrimination” against same-sex activities. A notable example is a sweeping ordinance proposed for Hutchinson, Kansas, which would allow no exceptions. Several other Kansas municipalities have passed or are considering similar ordinances as they cave in to homosexual demands.

In the private sector, large chains of stores are beginning to portray a gay-friendly identity. J.C. Penney department stores have signed on Ellen DeGeneres—an outspoken lesbian—as their spokesperson, and have incorporated pages in their advertising that feature same-sex couples.

Target Stores, which took a stand against same-sex unions, was hit with a massive protest by homosexual activists, and have done an about face. They now are featuring a promotion for June, which is “National Pride Month”, in which they are donating 100% of their income from the online sale of gay-pride clothing to a homosexual political action group, Marriage Equality USA.

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To contact the Department of Justice with your comments about their letter ordering the University of Arkansas to permit a man who believes he is a woman to use the women’s restroom:

Main number: 202-514-2000
Contact line: 202-353-1555

To contact Target and their President and CEO, Gregg W. Steinhafel:

800-440-0680 or
612-304-6073 Option 6

email: [email protected]

Send a message on the Target Corporate Information Contact Form

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