A Physician’s Review of Obamacare

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Air Date: July 16, 2012

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Dr. Kipp Van Camp

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Jim opened this edition of Crosstalk by noting that even before the July 4th recess, notice was given that Congress was going to come back into session and take a vote on repealing The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act otherwise known as “Obamacare”. Things are pending in the Senate with no indication that the Senate majority leader has any desire to see this advance.

What does this mean for all of us including the medical community?

Answering this question was Jim’s guest, Dr. Kipp Van Camp. Dr. Van Camp is a triple board certified physician. He is an interventional radiologist and former family practitioner. His formal education includes medical training with two residencies and a fellowship covering a span of nine years of post-graduate education. He is also a medical business owner and serves as an adjunct professor at Washburn University and the University of Kansas. He engages in clinical and scientific medical research. He is a public speaker and author, his latest book being, “Misdiagnosis: A Practicing Physician’s Case Study in Health Care Reform”.

Dr. Van Camp believes that we have the best health care system in the world but feels we can still come up with ways to improve the system. For example, he cited the portability aspect as one problem. Another is the fact that some preexisting conditions are difficult to get covered over a long period of time as well as providing the uninsured with some level of insurance.

Dr. Van Camp feels we don’t have a health delivery crisis, we have a health insurance crisis. Unfortunately, Obamacare doesn’t recognize this split aspect of our insurance system in America and instead Obamacare looks at the entire system as broken and attempts to throw it all out and start over which simply isn’t necessary.

Dr. Van Camp covers a lot of ground and below is a sample of questions he answers for listeners:

–Should Medicare be expanded?
–What about preexisting conditions?
–Will the present cost increases in health insurance we see each year
become even greater under Obamacare?
–Will you really be able to keep your physician and insurance under
–What about health care rationing and death panels?

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