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Air Date: July 24, 2012

Host: Vic Eliason

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Looking for an alternative news source that presents stories not covered by the major media? Then Crosstalk should be your source. Vic Eliason proved that once again with this news “round-up” edition. Stories included:

–Beginning next month, drones will begin flights across America at altitudes under 400 feet. The Air Force has announced that they can keep any personal information they collect for over 90 days and can review it to make sure you are not a terrorist threat.

–After months of worldwide protest, the governor of Saint Petersburg, Russia, signed a bill into law that would criminalize any expression related to LGBT individuals.

–A woman dies after a botched abortion at a Chicago area Planned Parenthood clinic.

–Former presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann and others are being criticized as intolerant for signing a letter expressing concern over Huma Abedin, longtime aid to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and her alleged connections with the Muslim Brotherhood.

More Information:

To contact Congressman James Sensenbrenner who’s come to the defense of Human Abedin, call: 202-225-3121

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